The History of Alamo Squadron

Alamo Squadron was formed in 1977. Alamo Squadron's core membership came from the former San Antonio Modelers Society which had disbanded in the mid 1970's. This core group was joined by model enthusiasts from the greater San Antonio area and formed the club now known as Alamo Squadron.

In 1981 Alamo Squadron began hosting an annual contest called ModelFiesta. The show continues to be an annual tradition for Alamo Squadron members and is the longest running annual event in the south-central United States (IPMS-Region 6).

Alamo Squadron has been recognized by the International Plastic Modelers Society for Chapter of the Year for 1998-1999 under the leadership of Lee Forbes/President, Bob Smith/Vice President and Robert Carr/Secretary/ Treasurer and 2004-2005 under the leadership of Tony Ivone/President, Lee Forbes/Vice President and Robert Carr/Secretary/Treasurer. Most recently, in 2016, Alamo Squadron received the recognition of Chapter of the Year for IPMS Region 6.

The following links will take you on a 12-part, detailed tour of the history of our club starting in 1969 and continuing to the present day in 2020 (the time of this website creation/posting).