Alamo Squadron's Model of the Year Award

Every year Alamo Squadron votes one of its own members' builds as the best of the year.

Alamo Squadron conducts monthly model contests, with approximately ten contests per year. Popular vote among club members determines first, second, and third place. Each January, the club holds its Model of the Year (MOY) contest. Any model which has placed in one of the previous year’s monthly contests is eligible. The modeler must be a club member who is current on dues. Popular vote among club members again determines the winning model. The updated MOY trophy is presented to the winning modeler in the February club meeting. The winner is allowed to take possession of the trophy for one year and is invited to write an article about the winning model for the club’s newsletter.

Model of the Year Winners

Year Name Subject
2004 Jeff Faucett Russian Missile Cruiser
2005 Lyn Julian KV-15
2006 Lyn Julian Cold War
2007 Rick Waring IJN Juno
2008 Lyn Julian Jagdtiger
2009 Mike Picard Gnome Warstrider
2010 Peter Ortensie 1932 Ford Rat Rod
2011 Peter Ortensie Bf-110C Instrument Panel
2012 Lyn Julian 4 Dogs and a Truck
2013 Kent Knebel Deperdussin
2014 Kent Knebel Lockheed P-80C
2015 Dana Mathes Hypo SPG
2016 Dana Mathes M41A3
2017 Dana Mathes Cromwell Mk IV
2018 Len Pilhofer USS Reliant
2019 Dana Mathes Challenger II
2020 Dana Mathes Granddad's Pickup