& Bylaws


Alamo Squadron


Constitution and Bylaws


Current as of 1 December 2016



Article I - Designation


This organization will be formally known as Alamo Squadron.



Article II - Purpose


The purpose of Alamo Squadron is the educational advancement of scale modeling skills. The endeavor of the organization shall be to serve the modeling community in Texas, Mexico, and the Southern United States by cultivating and promoting a general interest in the scale modeling hobby by creating a bond of friendship and mentoring through the exchange of information, research and techniques which foster improvement in the individual’s scale modeling skills. Alamo Squadron may raise funds in any manner consistent with a 501(c)7 organization. Alamo Squadron shall be non-sectarian, non-political, and non-profit.



Article III – Membership


Section 1

Membership in Alamo Squadron is open to all regardless of sex, race, color, ethnic or national origin. Minimum age for membership shall be ten years.  Active membership shall be divided into three categories: Adult, Youth and Life.


Section 2

a. Those who are 18 years of age or older are eligible for an Adult membership.

b. Those between the ages of 10 and 17 years of age, inclusive, are eligible for a Youth membership.

c. Life membership may be conferred upon individuals in accordance to the guidelines as described elsewhere in this document.


Section 3

a. Alamo Squadron will maintain a high standard of ethics and respect for all people.  In the event that a member is observed to have not maintained those standards, two members of the Executive Board will meet privately with the member in question to discuss the situation.  If the member declines this meeting the Executive Board will have met all obligations to have this discussion.  If necessary, the Executive Board may then undertake appropriate disciplinary actions which may include a verbal warning, a written warning, suspension for up to three regularly scheduled membership meetings, or removal from the club.  In general, the principle of escalating discipline will be applied, however this would not apply in every case.

b. Suspension of any member of Alamo Squadron for cause can occur by a decision of a majority of the Executive Board.  Such suspensions will be effective immediately and will remain in effect for up to three regularly scheduled membership meetings.  The suspended member will be notified verbally and in writing (email qualifies as “writing”) in advance of the first regularly scheduled membership meeting for which the member has been suspended.  The suspension will be an agenda item at that meeting.  The affected member's voting rights are withdrawn during the suspension period. If the member in question is an Executive Board Officer, that Officer is suspended from participation in any Executive Board action, with that Officer’s duties being temporarily assumed by the remaining Executive Board members.

c. Removal of any member of Alamo Squadron from the club, for cause, can occur by recommendation of a majority of the Executive Board and with a confirming vote of the majority of the Adult and Life members present at the regularly scheduled membership meeting at which the removal is an agenda item.  Suspension is not a prerequisite for removal.  Should it be determined that the member in question be removed from the club, the member will be notified in writing (email) that the member’s membership in Alamo Squadron has been terminated.  Pro-rated membership dues will be refunded to the removed member.



Article IV - Basic Policies


Section 1

The Executive Board will renew the IPMS charter for Alamo Squadron each year with no vote by the membership being required to authorize the renewal. Should the membership decide to not renew the IPMS Charter, the issue will be included as an agenda item during a regularly scheduled membership meeting, with a vote being conducted at the following regularly scheduled membership meeting. Termination shall require a vote of no less than two-thirds of the voting membership who are present.


Section 2

The Executive Board will sponsor a formal review of the Constitution & Bylaws every even year.


Section 3

The name of Alamo Squadron shall not be used in connection with any commercial concern or other partisan interests that are not directly related to the express purpose of Alamo Squadron.  Approval by a majority of club members is required when the name “Alamo Squadron” is to be used for a commercial concern that is directly related to the express purpose of Alamo Squadron.

No elected officer of Alamo Squadron who is acting in an official capacity shall act in connection with a commercial concern or other partisan interests that is not directly related to the express purpose of Alamo Squadron.   Before acting in an official capacity with any commercial concern that is related to the express purpose of Alamo Squadron, the elected officer must first report to the membership during a regularly scheduled membership meeting as an agenda item for consideration by club members.


Section 4

Dissolution of Alamo Squadron requires that the action be listed as an agenda item at a regularly scheduled membership meeting, with a vote being conducted at the following regularly scheduled membership meeting.  Approval of dissolution requires a vote in favor of that action by two-thirds of the voting membership who are present. All monetary assets shall be donated to a museum dedicated to the preservation and display of artifacts that are the subject of model kits. Property shall be donated to those same museums or other modeling clubs.



Article V - Elections


Section 1

a. The President, or an Election Committee appointed by the President, shall present nominations for Executive Board positions to the membership for consideration.  Additional nominations may be accepted from the floor.  These nominations shall be made at least one month prior to the regularly scheduled membership meeting in which elections are held.

b. The following criteria shall be considered when selecting Executive Board candidates:

     1.  The individual must be an active Adult or Life member.

     2.  The individual must display the ability and willingness to discharge the duties of the respective

          Executive Board position.

     3.  The individual must be willing to be a member of IPMS/USA during the term of service.

     4.  The individual must be an active model builder.

     5.  The individual has been a paid member of Alamo Squadron for one year, paid by the time the

           term of office begins.

     6. Each officer shall be an Adult or Life member of the club living within a 150-mile radius of the

         Alamo Mission.

c. Candidates shall serve no more than three consecutive one year terms on the Executive Board, being eligible for additional service after at least a one-year hiatus.


Section 2

Voting for Executive Board positions shall be by secret ballot during a regularly scheduled membership meeting. Members serving a suspension are not allowed to vote. Absentee voting is permitted as described elsewhere in this document. Ballots shall be tallied by non-candidate members in front of the membership. A majority of ballots cast is required to win office.


Section 3

Officers shall be elected for a one-year term during the regularly scheduled April membership meeting, with the term of service beginning at the end of the club meeting in which the election was conducted.


Section 4

Absentee ballots, when allowed, may be delivered by the voter to the President, unless that person is running for any office in the election in question, or to any member of the Election Committee. Delivery of absentee ballots must allow time for the absentee ballot to be printed out and placed in the ballot box. The ballot must be clearly marked with the word, “Absentee” displayed prominently on the ballot. The ballot must also display the name of the person from whom the Absentee ballot is being received.


Article VI - Executive Officers


Section 1

Officers of Alamo Squadron are: President, Vice-President and Treasurer.


Section 2

The elected officers shall perform the following duties:

a. President:  Shall preside over all meetings.  After counseling with Executive Board members and having been given input from the general membership, determine the calendar of regularly scheduled membership meetings and events to take place including contest, clinics, lectures, etc., that will be presented at each meeting.  With the Executive Board members, the President shall review the Alamo Squadron Constitution and By-Laws, as required.  The President, with the consent of the Executive Board, shall designate other Alamo Squadron members to perform such duties as may be required such as ModelFiesta Contest Chairman, Program Chairman, Community Events Chairman, IPMS Chapter Contact, and other duties.

b. President: Shall ensure that a permanent record is kept of regularly scheduled membership meetings and of meetings of the Executive Board. The President will direct the Chairman of all committees to provide minutes of committee meetings which shall be a part of the permanent record of club activities. The President, or a members assigned to the task, shall maintain a membership roster.

b.  Vice-President:  Perform the duties of the President in the absence of that officer and assume that office should it be vacated.  Perform other duties as assigned by the President

c. Treasurer:

 (1) Act as custodian of all funds and deposit funds to the credit of Alamo Squadron.  Maintain full and accurate accounting of all receipts, expenditures and make disbursements as authorized by the Executive Board.  The Treasurer shall produce a monthly report detailing recent financial activity and present that report at each regularly scheduled membership meeting.  A financial statement will be presented to the Alamo Squadron membership within 60 days after a contest or major activity that has generated or disbursed funds.  An audit of all the financial records will take place after the annual election of officers.

 (2) The transfer of accountability to the incoming Treasurer will take place in a timely manner after the election so that duties of that officer may be assumed by the newly elected Treasurer prior to the next regularly scheduled membership meeting.


Section 3

Past officers of the club or other subject matter specialists may be invited to participate as a non-voting members of the Executive Board at the discretion of the incumbent president.



Article VII Appointed Positions



Section 1

The Executive Board may appoint active adult club members to positions of responsibility to meet the needs of the club.  The Executive Board retains full responsibility for the actions of these appointments.


It is recommended that the club annually appoint members to the three positions listed below to one year terms of service.  The Executive Board may take on these roles themselves and is not limited to only the three positions described below.


There are no term limits on these positions. It is also recommended that each of these positions have a trained and designated backup in place.


All expenditures related to the duties of these appointed positions must be discussed in advance with the President and Treasurer if over $200.  The members holding these positions may be invited to attend Executive Board meetings as non-voting members at the discretion of the President.



Section 2:  Recommended Appointed Positions


Model Fiesta Director: Responsible for organization, promotion, and execution of all aspects of the club’s annual model contest known as Modelfiesta.


Multimedia Coordinator: Responsible for the production of the club’s monthly newsletter and the maintenance of the club’s website. This person also serves as the IPMS chapter contact and steward of the club’s website passwords.


Education Coordinator: Responsible for leading the club’s ABC modeling skills class, regular Build Days, and for the club’s programs to encourage member participation in the building of models and other modeling activities.






Alamo Squadron




Bylaw I - Annual Dues


Annual dues shall be determined by a recommendation of the Executive Board, announced at a regularly scheduled membership meeting and approved by a majority of the voting members present at any following regularly scheduled membership meeting.  "The Executive Board will sponsor a formal review of the amount of dues in the second quarter of every odd year. Life members are exempt from paying annual dues. Dues for new members will be prorated based on a September to August annual dues cycle.



Bylaw II - Meetings

Section 1

Regularly scheduled membership meetings shall be held monthly at a time and on a day determined by the Executive Board. Meeting dates, times, and locations may be changed with adequate notice being distributed through social media, email, and club publications.


Section 2

The Executive Board may meet at the call of the President at any time, if required.  Executive Board business may also be conducted through electronic means.



Bylaw III - Vacated Offices


The President may appoint any Adult or Life member to fill a vacated office.  Such appointments are subject to approval by a majority of the voting members present at the next regularly scheduled membership meeting. Such appointees shall serve in the appointed office subject to the same rules as a regularly elected officer until the next regularly scheduled election of officers. An exception to this procedure requires the Vice President to become the President, should that office become vacant.



Bylaw IV - Quorum


A majority of the Adult and Life members present at a regularly scheduled membership meeting shall constitute a quorum for a regularly scheduled membership meeting.  Two members of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum for any Executive Board meeting.



Bylaw V – Amendments


The Alamo Squadron Constitution & Bylaws may be amended using the following procedure.  The Executive Board shall appoint, when required, a committee, named the Constitution Review Committee, consisting of three long-standing Adult and Life members to review all proposed amendments.

a.  Amendments shall be submitted to either the club's president or vice-president by the Constitution Review  Committee.

b.  The Executive Board shall discuss the proposal and offer comments to the Constitution Review  Committee.

c.  The Constitution Review Committee will review all proposed amendments and modify those proposed amendments appropriately so as to ensure consistency of format and wording with existing Constitution and Bylaws.

d. The Constitution Review Committee shall present all proposed amendments and its recommendation regarding those proposed amendment for discussion at a regularly scheduled membership meeting with the voting procedure taking place at the following regularly scheduled membership meeting.

e.  Amendments will be adopted upon receiving  two-thirds of the voting membership present at the regularly scheduled membership meeting at which the vote to approve or reject the proposal is conducted.  Absentee votes will not be accepted.

f.  Proposed changes shall become effective upon receiving a two-thirds vote of the voting membership present at a regularly scheduled membership meeting. Absentee votes will not be accepted.



Bylaw VI – Memberships/Guests/Dues & Delinquent Members


Section 1 Membership

Adult members may participate in all club activities, may vote in elections for Executive Board offices, and may hold Executive Board office. Those between 17 and 10 years of age (inclusive) are eligible for a Youth Membership. Youth members may participate in all club activities except voting for Executive Board offices. Youth members are not eligible to hold an Executive Board office.


Section 2 Life Membership

Life membership may be conferred upon an Alamo Squadron member in recognition of unique and significant service to Alamo Squadron.  Life members shall enjoy the same rights and privileges as Adult members. Life members do not pay dues.

 The criteria for Life membership are:

a.  Hold membership in Alamo Squadron for at least ten years

b.  Be, or was,  an active model builder

c.  Make contributions to the club newsletter and demonstrations

d.  Represent the club at Regional and National IPMS events

e.  Invest leadership and participation with the staging of ModelFiesta events

f.  Promote the hobby in the community


Nomination petitions for Life membership shall be presented to the Executive Board by any Adult or Life member.  The petition must include a detailed description of how the nominee meets the stated criteria, the signature of the nominating member, and the signatures of five other Adult members.  The Executive Board shall review the nomination and present the nomination with a recommendation for specific action to the membership at a regularly scheduled membership meeting. The balloting for the nomination may occur at the same meeting as the presentation of the nomination. Upon receiving a majority of the votes of the membership present, the nomination shall be approved.  Absentee ballots shall not be accepted in votes to confer Life membership.


Section 3 Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership may be conferred upon a person who is not a member of Alamo Squadron in recognition of unique and significant service to Alamo Squadron. Honorary members are granted permanent Guest status. Upon receiving a majority of the votes of the membership present at a regularly scheduled membership meeting, the nomination shall be approved.  Absentee ballots shall not be accepted in votes to confer Honorary membership.


Section 4 Guests

Guests are invited to attend a total of 3 regular meetings, or for two months following their initial visit.  Guests attending after their third regular meeting must either join Alamo Squadron or cease attending meetings.  Guests are not entitled to membership privileges such as voting for Executive Board positions or participating in/judging Alamo Squadron contests, unless specifically invited to do so by the Executive Board.  Guests may participate fully in all other Alamo Squadron activities.


Section 5 Dues and Delinquent Members

Members who are delinquent in paying their dues will be granted Guest status. There will be no exceptions. Members will be notified that their membership is about to expire at least two weeks prior to the last meeting covered by their dues.



Bylaw VII – Financial Accountability


The President and the Treasurer shall both be signatories on the Alamo Squadron bank account. Every debit transaction or fund transfer greater than $200 will require the signatures of both the President and the Treasurer, or documentation that the President grants permission to the Treasurer to be the sole signatory for a check. During events which involve the periodic pickup of payments from club cashiers, a written record will be kept by the cashiers and the Treasurer of the amounts being picked up. The Treasurer's post-event financial report shall reconcile event receipts with event records, including, but not limited to, vendor, registration, raffle/door prize, and general admission activities.



Bylaw VIII – Nominations and Elections



Nominations for club officers shall be taken in a regularly scheduled monthly meeting one month before the scheduled elections after the criteria for officers has been read and reviewed.  The nominations shall be published in the club newsletter and posted on the club’s social media.


The President shall name an Election Committee consisting of three non-candidates to provide and count election ballots.   The Committee is appointed prior to the election and is dismissed after the election has been completed.  The used ballots shall be retained for 90 days by the chairperson of this committee in the event an recount is requested.


The President shall review the constitutional criteria for officers in the meeting prior to the actual election and accept any additional nominations.  Ballots shall be prepared, distributed, and counted during the meeting by the Election Committee.  Write-In candidates (new nominations made in that meeting) will be allowed and counted.  No absentee votes will be allowed.  The winning candidates shall be announced by the Election Committee and will assume their responsibilities at the end of the club meeting.



Bylaw IX – Awards and Recognition


Section 1 Recognition Tools and Procedures

Seeking to advance the hobby in the community, encourage skill building, and promote leadership within the club, Alamo Squadron will utilize recognition tools for individuals and groups. These recognition tools will be non-monetary and may consist of plaques, medals, letters, news media articles, public applause, and other methods of recognition as determined appropriate by the Executive Board. All recognition tools, with the exception of "public applause" will require a nomination for recognition to be presented to the Executive Board, in writing, at least 30 days prior to the anticipated presentation date.


Section 2 Memorial Recognition Awards

Alamo Squadron bestows special recognition on selected members for a career of modeling excellence and significant contributions to the club. The criteria for memorial recognition will be as follows:

a. A member of Alamo Squadron for a minimum of five years.

b. A reputation for excellence in modeling as evidenced by awards within the club and in IPMS Region Six contests.

c. An avid teacher and coach for other builders.

d. A history of making significant contributions to Alamo Squadron.


The process for creating a new memorial recognition will begin with a written nomination describing how the candidate met the criteria. The nomination shall be submitted in writing to an Executive Board member with the signatures of the person submitting the nomination and five other Active or Life Members.  After review, the Executive Board will then present the nomination with recommendation for a vote of the membership.

The nomination shall be accepted by a majority vote of the Active and Life members present.  Absentee votes will not be accepted.


The club will maintain a Memorial Award trophy recognizing the recipients of memorial recognition as well as the Best of Show winners of the annual ModelFiesta contest.

This award will be displayed each year at the ModelFiesta contest. The Executive Board will appoint a steward for the trophy.



Bylaw X – Donations


Alamo Squadron is a non-profit entity and will not accept donations of material goods such as: model kits, reference books, modeling supplies, tools, photographic equipment, etc. As a community service, the club may choose to provide assistance to the families of modelers who have left the hobby in the follow ways:


a) Provide unofficial appraisals for kits, references, and hobby-related tools and supplies. These appraisals may be generated by an individual who is a member of the club and may be informed by other club members (individuals) but will not come from the club or be documented in anyway by IPMS/USA Alamo Squadron.

b) Allow club members to sell kits, etc. for the families at swaps scheduled during club meetings.

c) Make ModelFiesta vendor tables available for purchase to individuals and families who wish to sell kits and equipment.



Dick Montgomery

(Dick Montgomery) President


Herb Scranton

(Herb Scranton) Vice-President


Dana Mathes

(Dan Mathes) Treasurer



2015 Constitution Review Committee

Craig Gregory (Craig Gregory, Member at Large)

Kent Knebel (Kent Knebel, Member at Large)

Dana Mathes (Dana Mathes, Member at Large)

Dick Montgomery (Dick Montgomery, President)

Lee Washburn (Lee Washburn, Treasurer)


2016 Constitution Review Committee (May, 2016)

Michael Goolsbee (Michael Goolsbee, Member at Large)

Herb Scranton ( Herb Scranton, Vice President)

Dana Mathes (Dana Mathes, Treasurer)


2016 Constituion Review Committee (Nov, 2016)

Dana Mathes (Dana Mathes, Treasurer)

Craig Gregory (Craig Gregory, Member at Large)

Len Pilhofer (Len Pilhofer, Member at Large)

(Edits to Bylaw IX and addition of Bylaw X)