ModelFiesta 38 Individually Sponsored Awards

Individually Sponsored Awards are plaques awarded to an individual model (or group entry) that best meets the spirit of the award name. Judges for these awards are the sponsors themselves (or a representative designated by the sponsor) and are funded solely by the award sponsor.


ISAs are awarded independent of the normal Category 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards as well as Best-of-Class Awards and Best-of-Show and Theme Award.


If you wish to sponsor an award please contact the ModelFiesta Director at to get your ISA listed!

Best US Marine Corps Subject

Sponsored by Alamo Squadron in memory of CPL Alex M. Benavidez, USMC.








Best Golden Age Aircraft

Sponsored by Suzy Cook in memory of Bob Davies








Best Spitfire

Sponsored by Lee Forbes





David Lee "Tex" Hill Award: Best P-40 Warhawk

Sponsored by Lee Forbes






Best WWII Axis Fighter Aircraft

Sponsored by Lee Forbes






Lt Col Bill Bullard “El Malo Hombre” Award: Best WWII US Fighter Aircraft

Sponsored by Rob Booth





Doolittle Raider Award: Best B-25 bomber

Sponsored by Lt Col Dick Cole






Best F-4 Phantom II

Sponsored by Rob Booth











Never Tell Me The Odds: Best Star Wars Subject

Sponsored by Len Pilhofer







In Civere

The best "old" kit turned into a masterpiece - sponsored by Richard Kern










Best 1/72nd Scale Japanese Aircraft

Sponsored by Abilene Modelers in memory of Kent Roberts







Best Deutsches Afrikakorps (DAK) Armored Fighting Vehicle

Sponsored by The George Armstrong Custer Gin Drinking and Model Building Society















check back soon for additional individually sponsored awards!

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