Monthly Club Contest

At most monthly meetings Alamo Squadron conducts a club contest. Members are encouraged to bring their finished builds to compete with one another in a very friendly competition. Judging is conducted by members attending that night's meeting. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners are selected by the attending members. Each month's winning models are invited back at the end of the year to compete in Alamo Squadron's Model of the Year competition. The winner of our Model of the Year contest has his/her name engraved on a dedicated plaque that the club maintains. Placement in the club's monthly contest is not tied to our annual contest, ModelFiesta, or any other local, regional, or national IPMS contest. In other words, not placing in a monthly meeting contest does not prohibit a member from entering in any other contest at any level.

Judging is conducted in accordance with IPMS guidelines. For a local, regional, or national contest these guidelines are very clear. While we will always look to these for guidance at our monthly contest, we adhere to the following basics: