Mike Goolsbee  IPMS# _____


Association with Other Modeling Clubs:

Modeling Areas of Interest:


Plant Engineer for Aspen Beverage Group. Served as enlisted USAF from 1972 to 1976.  Had to follow a family tradition, my father was Air Force for 27 years and a tail gunner in B-26 Marauders during the big war.


Member of Toledo Plastic Modelers 1986 to 1994

Toledo Weak Signals, Ohio

Valley City RC, Ohio

Black Sheep, Ohio

San Antonio Prop Busters

River City RC


1/32 Jets and WWII Fighters, 1/48 Jets and WWII Fighters and Bombers, 1/72 Multi Engines, Any scale Airliners, 1/24 & 1/12 Cars


Modeling Skills:


Jack of all, Master of none.  Would be willing to pass on what little I know.  I have a great interest in learning metal foiling techniques in the near future which maybe I would be prepared to pass on later in the year or next year.



Not many in scale modeling but most in the RC world

Other Hobbies:


Radio Control, main interest Scale Jets.