Alamo Squadron is an organization dedicated to the educational advancement of scale modeling skills. Serving the modeling community in Texas, Mexico, and the Southern United States by cultivating and promoting a general interest in the scale modeling hobby by creating a bond of friendship and mentoring through the exchange of information, research and techniques which foster improvement in the individual’s scale modeling skills. We are a non-sectarian, non-political, and non-profit organization.

While we have some very highly skilled builders in our ranks, WE ARE NOT a clique of "master modelers" that maintains a high-bar required for membership. We encourage scale modelers of all ages and skill levels to join our ranks as well as becoming a member of our national, parent organization: IPMS/USA. The focus of Alamo Squadron is teaching and learning.


Alamo Squadron



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In November 1969 the San Antonio Modeler’s Society (SAMS), published its inaugural newsletter, called "The Modelist". With it, this organization formalized its entity and structure. However, by 1974, due to internal frictions and a poorly executed modeling contest, SAMS was dissolved by its members, after having been an impressive club populated by dedicated modelers and knowledgeable leaders.

By 1977 however, a handful of former SAMS members, and other modelers outside of the SAMS experience, began discussing the possibility of organizing a new and different modeling club. The groundwork was laid with the goal of establishing a modeling organization, and on November 11, 1977, the meeting which gave birth to this new organization was held. This new club was to be laid out following the guidelines of IPMS-USA. It became an IPMS chapter and has continued to enjoy the benefits of IPMS affiliation ever since. The name Alamo Squadron was adopted at some point before 1979, though credit for suggesting the title cannot be granted to any specific person.

In 1981, the club members were attempting to organize a model contest along the lines of other modeling clubs in the Central and South Texas area. Aided by "Aircraft In Miniature", a modeling magazine produced by the club, and an enthusiastic membership, this model contest was realized in 1982 with the name MODELFIESTA and has been held yearly ever since (except in 2021 due to the COVID19 pandemic).

Eventually in the mid to late 1980's, the club membership began to diversify its modeling interests away from exclusively aircraft, and despite some friction, this was a turning point for the club. As the years rolled by, Alamo Squadron evolved into a social organization that not only accepted all modeling genres of interest, but is also encouraged by the club and its membership.

The club grew and solidified during the 1990's, and Modelfiesta established itself as one of the larger events in a five-state region. By the 2000's, the club better defined and organized itself. It's constitution, structure, official positions, term duration, and activities to be held, all received amendments, upgrades, or adjustments. This culminated in 2014, when the club adjusted its finances and registered with the United States Internal Revenue Service as a 501c7 organization. This growth and stability were recognized by other modeling communities, when a number of other IPMS Region 6 clubs joined Alamo Squadron members in a bid for the IPMS NATIONAL CONVENTION, which was awarded in 2018 for the 2020 event (later pushed back to 2023 due to the COVID19 pandemic).

Today, Alamo Squadron is a social organization in which all modelers are accepted and invited to join in the fun. The club has members who have interests in all genres of modeling, with no genre being excluded and all being accepted. The club depends upon the membership to volunteer to serve in some capacity, and it continues to thrive because members do, indeed volunteer, and participate as Members of IPMS Alamo Squadron.

For more detail on the history of our club, read the HISTORY OF THE ALAMO SQUADRON, a 12 chapter memoir by Dick Montgomery



  • 1969
    SAMS first publishes "The Modelist"
  • 1974
    SAMS Dissolves
  • 1977
    Alamo Squadron is born
  • 1982
    Modelfiesta 1
  • 1988
    Modelfiesta and IPMS Region 6 hosts
  • Alamo Squadron modeling subjects expanded
  • 1995
    Modelfiesta established as major event.
  • 1998
    IPMS/USA Chapter of the year.
  • 2001
    Modelfiesta OP manual defined.
  • 2002
    MODEL OF THE YEAR initiated.
  • 2003
    IPMS/USA Chapter of the year.
  • 2004
    First Adult Building Course (ABC) held.
  • 2004
    IPMS Region 6 Club of the Year.
  • 2005
    Constitution amended for E-board terms.
  • 2006
    Constitution amended for Modelfiesta SOP.
  • 2014
    Reorganized as as
    IRS 501c7.
  • BUILD DAYS start
    USS Lexington Model Exhibit opens.
  • 2015
    Make-N-Take implemented.
  • 2017
    IPMS Region 6 Club of the year.
  • Selected 2020 IPMS/USA Nationals Host
  • 2018
    Modelfiesta entry record:
    817 Models.
  • 2021
    Modelfiesta not held due to COVID19 Pandemic.
  • 2023
    IPMS/USA Nationals host rescheduled from 2020.




Read the guiding document and principles of the Alamo Squadron.
Written, approved and updated by our members. Current as of July 8th, 2022


Year Name Subject
2004 Jeff Faucett Russian Missile Cruiser
2005 Lyn Julian KV-15
2006 Lyn Julian Cold War
2007 Rick Warin IJN Juno
2008 Lyn Julian Jagdtiger
2009 Mike Picard Gnome Warstrider
2010 Peter Ortensie 1932 Ford Rat Rod
2011 Peter Ortensie Bf-110C Instrument Panel
2012 Lyn Julian 4 Dogs and a Truck
2013 Kent Knebel Deperdussin
2014 Kent Knebel Lockheed P-80C
2015 Dana Mathes Hypothetical SPG
2016 Dana Mathes M41A3
2017 Dana Mathes Cromwell Mk IV
2018 Len Pilhofer USS Reliant
2019 Dana Mathes Challenger II
2020 Dana Mathes Granddad's Pickup
2021 Dana Mathes Lanchester 4x2
2022 Lee Washburn USS Pope



Alamo Squadron conducts monthly model contests, with approximately ten contests per year. Popular vote among club members determines first, second, and third place. Each January, the club holds its Model of the Year (MOY) contest. Any model which has placed in one of the previous year’s monthly contests is eligible. The modeler must be a club member who is current on dues. Popular vote among club members again determines the winning model.

The updated MOY trophy is presented to the winning modeler in the February club meeting. The winner is allowed to take possession of the trophy for one year and is invited to write an article about the winning model for the club’s newsletter and website.

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Here are some of the favorite models by our club members. Click on the thumbnail for a full picture and a brief description of their work: